Red Fin Crudo + Kitchen has decided to close our doors in downtown Providence, RI.  We are beyond grateful to our staff and patrons.  Being part of the fabric of downtown Providence has been a wonderful experience.  We wish all of our fellow businesses continued success.



Closed until further notice due to COVID-19.


Meet The Team


From our team of creative minds, we offer you a cuisine inspired by the local and regional flavors of New England, Northern Spain, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Our passion and unwavering commitment to excellence honor our approach to old world recipes with a modern touch. Our hand-crafted cocktails have an emphasis on the seasonal harvest and small batch spirits. The weekly cocktail specials are created with inspiration and passion from our exceptional bar staff. Our menu offering and seasonal specials will keep you mesmerized and leave you wondering what is to come in the future.


Jennifer Behm-Lazzarini

Favorite song:  Meant to be

What would your super power be: Dividing myself in half to do multiple things at once

Favorite Color Socks: Multi colored Bomba socks

Famous Person You Look Like: Julia Styles

If You Won the Lottery What Would You Do: Invest in real estate, invest in our kids college fund, and go the Turtle Island with my husband and kids

Favorite Mixed Drink: Aviation

Favorite pizza: White pizza with black olives and sausage

Favorite Board Game: Mouse Trap + Clue

What inspires you: Music and the colors from around the world

Favorite dessert: Shoo Fly Pie with Turkey Hill vanilla ice cream

Dream job: Motivational speaker



Julio Lazzarini

Favorite pizza: Meat lovers

Favorite Color Socks: Red

What inspires you: Nature

If You Won the Lottery What Would You Do: Make my family happy

Favorite Mixed Drink: I drink BEER

Favorite word: OK

Favorite Board Game: Operation

What would be your super power: Time travel

What Brings You The Biggest Joy: My beautiful kids

Dream job: MJ guru

Favorite dessert:  Anything with gluten

New Years resolution:  GET HEATHLY





Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Stuffing


Best Summer moment 2019: Trip To P-Town

If You Could Be One Celebrity Who Would It Be: Ben Affleck

If You Were Stranded On An Island What One Thing Would Bring: Money

Favorite Charity: Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Favorite Celebrity Chef : Lazzarini's





Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Scallop Potatoes


Best Summer moment 2019: Visting My Cousins In Brooklyn, Laughing And Doing Endless Cher Karoke

If You Could Be One Celebrity Who Would It Be: Stevie Nicks

If You Were Stranded On An Island What One Thing Would Bring: A Stack of Books

Favorite Charity: Providence Animal League

Favorite Celebrity Chef : Alton Brown





Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Moro Rojo


Best Summer moment 2019: Six Flags + Our BBQ With My Family

If You Could Be One Celebrity Who Would It Be: Drake

If You Were Stranded On An Island What One Thing Would Bring: Music

Favorite Charity: Mak-A-Wish

Favorite Celebrity Chef : Marco Pierre White


What would your super power be: Teletransportation

2018 New Years Resolution: Have new ideas for life

Favorite song: Where is the love

Dream job: Computer Tech

Favorite Mixed Drink: Sangria

What inspires you: God - Wife - Family

Favorite Pizza: Hawaiian

If you won the lottery what would you do: Vacations!

Favorite word:Faith

Favorite dessert:  Pumpkin pie




Ideal Dinner Party Guest List: All my closest friends in one room at the same time.

Favorite Color Socks: NO SOCKS!

Famous Person You Look Like: Zach Braff

If You Won the Lottery What Would You Do: HIDE!

Favorite Mixed Drink: stoli on ice...count as a mix?

What Kind of Music Do You Like: I am a music-holic - GIVE IT ALL TO ME!

Favorite Board Game: Monopoly

If You Could Be Any Celebrity Chef Who Would It Be: Nigella Lawson - GORGEOUS!

What Brings You The Biggest Joy:Being able to help those less fortunate...and exercise

Favorite Red Fin Moment:it's always the same moment late saturday night when it finally settles down






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Tel: 401.454.1335  |  Email: info@redfincrudo.com




Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Stuffing


Best Summer moment 2019: My Nephew Being Born

If You Could Be One Celebrity Who Would It Be: Betty White

If You Were Stranded On An Island What One Thing Would Bring: My Cat

Favorite Charity: Make-A-Wish

Favorite Celebrity Chef : Lazzarini





Menus + Events

Our menu features the bounty of New England’s land and sea harvests, and specialty imported foods like our Iberico pork. We source top-quality, ethically raised and preferably organic ingredients. RED FIN Crudo + Kitchen is proud to support regional community and small producers that nourish the ecosystem, pay it forward, and strive to uphold standards of sustainable agriculture.

What Are They Saying

Start to finish our meal was absolutely incredible.

Sara M.

Jersey City, NJ

This gem is in a convenient location right in the heart of downtown .. There are several high-top tables outside, and in the bar area. There are also cozy tables tucked away in the back of the restaurant. 

Nicolas F.

Johnston, RI

Demetria C.

Arlington, VA

I can't even begin to tell you all of the amazing things that this Masterchef has done with the place.

Jamie P.

Boston, MA

Recently dined at Red Fin Crudo on a business dinner and it did not disappoint.  It's bigger than it look from the inside and the atmosphere is inviting, fun and casual.

Wonderful experience, loved the place, and will definitely go back whenever in town again.


New York, NY

Michelle G

Cantonsville, MD

This is by far the best restaurant experience I have had. Do yourself a favor and eat here. You won't regret it.

Nate C.

Newtonville, MA

I love this restaurant and wish we have one in Baltimore! 

Jef S.

Providence, RI

Go here. Now. Immediately. 

Exceptional food, flavor, and service. I wanted to lick every plate clean. 

Good wine and cocktail selection. Our server was not only super friendly and accommodating but was never invasive and knew when exactly to come around. 

We split the octopus - which was phenom. The sauce/mustard they use is unreal. The way the octopus was cooked was so tender and soft. We also had the burssel sprouts (with pork belly) it was again, unreal! The tortilla espanola was so lovely and delicious. All of the plates had so much distinct flavor. It really is like a party on your pallet.


Providence, RI

I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend coming in here and eating because it was AMAZING. The people, the atmosphere, and the food were all super awesome. Love it.


Chalfont, PA

 BEST CEVICHE EVER is to be had in this place. 

Alishia J.

Providence, RI



Fantastic experience. Definitely get the octopus, it's the best I've had outside of Spain, a real treat.

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Tel: 401.454.1335  |  Email: info@redfincrudo.com


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